Unclaimed Deposits Under DEAF Account. Click here to view list. Click here to download Form for Regulatory Package- COVID-19 - Option for Moratorium of Term Loan Instalments and/or deferment of payment of interest on OD/CC accounts.

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Deposit Schemes

Vardhaman Multiplier Deposit Scheme (V.M.D.)

A Scheme with interest on interest (Cumulative interest) for higher rate of returns.

Vardhaman Dhan Labh Scheme

A deposit scheme for 450 days with cumulative interest ( Maturity amount shall vary on the basis of date of deposit ).

Fixed Deposits

Interest will be paid at regular intervals (monthly/ quarterly/ half-yearly / on maturity) according to your choice.

Recurring Deposit (R.D)

Best suited for individuals with regular streams of income. Save small amounts every month and watch them grow into sizable lump sum amount at the end of the period.

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