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Gold Loans

with effect from 01-11-2019

  1. Rs 2450/- per Gram on Net weight for loans repayable within 6 months.
  2. Rs. 2300/- per Gram on Net weight for loans repayable within 1 year.
  3. Over draft facility against pledge of Gold Ornament.
  4. Gold Loans above Rs. 2.00 lacs are available with suitable repayment programme.

Loans Against NSCS / KVPS / LIC Policies

  1. Loan upto 75%of face value of NSCS/KVPS & surrender value of LIC policies.

Loans for Business

  1. Cash Credits against stocks and Book Debts.
  2. Overdraft against property.

Industrial Finance

Working Capital Facility

  1. C.C against stocks / Book Debts.
  2. O.D. against mortgage of property.

Loans against Bank's Deposits

  1. O D facility
  2. Demand Loans

Other Loans

  1. Housing Loans
  2. Vehicle (4-Wheeler) Loans.

Note:- All the above Loan Schemes are subject to Terms and Conditions of Banks Loan Policy.

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